Tarini A Kotamkar, Dr.Brajendra Tiwari


In present paper N(k)-quasi Einstein manifolds is studied and its existence is Proved by two non-trivial examples. A physical example of an N(k)-quasi-Einstein manifold is given. We study an N(k)-quasi-Einstein manifold satisfying certain curvature conditions like Ž(X).S = 0, and P (X) . C = 0. Also studied Ricci-pseudosymmetric N(k)-quasi-Einstein manifolds.


Quasi Einstein manifold,N(k)-quasi Einstein manifold,projective curvature tensor, concircular curvature tensor, conformal curvature tensor,Ricci-pseudosymmetric manifold.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26472/ijrae.v1i9.40



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