Finding Insights & Hadoop Cluster Performance Analysis over Census Dataset Using Big-Data Analytics

Dharmendra Agawane, Rohit Pawar, Pavankumar Purohit, Gangadhar Agre


Big-data is a very important resource in today’s world, if utilized properly. But for utilizing this big data it is required to analyse that data to find out some interesting facts out of it. The increase in the Five V’s of the data i.e. Velocity, Volume, Variety, Veracity and Value have made the processing of the data more and more complex and this change is bringing more and more challenges in this field of Data Processing.
In such a case to get some useful information out from such a large variety and volume of data we need to use the concepts like DATA MINING and CLUSTERING. In our project we would be finding different insights from US census Dataset which will help us to understand the dataset more easily and conclude inferences from it. For this purpose i.e. for finding the insights from a large data set we would be working with the framework called “Hadoop”, which is a tool for processing big-data with minimum time and with more accuracy.
Then we would be analysing the performance of the Hadoop cluster both single node and multi-node while working with different number of nodes with different block size in addition with replication factor


Hadoop, Map-Reduce, Insights, Single node Hadoop Cluster, Multi node Hadoop Cluster, Replication, Block size.

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